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Living with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a common type of mental illness that affects millions from all walks of life. It is with bipolar disorder you experience periods of depression, where you feel down: physically and emotionally exhausted, like nothing you can do is worthwhile, followed by period of mania, or elevated mood where you will experience your thoughts racing, high energy levels and possibly irritability or even a positive mood.

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness


In her bestselling classic, An Unquiet Mind, Kay Redfield Jamison changed the way we think about moods and madness.

Dr. Jamison is one of the foremost authorities on manic-depressive (bipolar) illness; she has also experienced it firsthand. For even while she was pursuing her career in academic medicine, Jamison found herself succumbing to the same exhilarating highs and catastrophic depressions that afflicted many of her patients, as her disorder launched her into ruinous spending sprees, episodes of violence, and an attempted suicide.

Here Jamison examines bipolar illness from the dual perspectives of the healer and the healed, revealing both its terrors and the cruel allure that at times prompted her to resist taking medication. An Unquiet Mind is a memoir of enormous candor, vividness, and wisdom—a deeply powerful book that has both transformed and saved lives.

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The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide, Second Edition: What You and Your Family Need to Know

Getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step toward reclaiming your life from bipolar disorder. But if you or someone you love is struggling with the frantic highs and crushing lows of this illness, there are still many hurdles to surmount at home, at work, and in daily life. You need current information and practical problem-solving advice you can count on. You've come to the right place.

* How can you distinguish between early warning signs of bipolar mood swings and normal ups and downs?
* What medications are available, and what are their side effects?
* What should you do when you find yourself escalating into mania or descending into depression?
* How can you tell your coworkers about your illness without endangering your career?
* If you have a family member with bipolar disorder, how can you provide constructive help and support?
Trusted authority Dr. David J. Miklowitz offers straight talk, true stories, and proven strategies that can help you achieve greater balance and free yourself from out-of-control moods. The updated second edition of this bestselling guide has the latest facts on medications and therapy, an expanded discussion of parenting issues for bipolar adults, and a new chapter, "For Women Only."


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Bipolar Disorder For Dummies
Get an accurate diagnosis and get on with enjoying and living your life!

Bipolar Disorder affects many more people than just the millions who suffer from the disease. Like depression and other serious illnesses, bipolar disorder also affects spouses, partners, family members, friends, and coworkers.

Bipolar Disorder For Dummies explains the brain chemistry behind the disease and covers the latest medications and therapies. You'll get reassuring, sound advice and self-help techniques that you and your loved ones, including kids and teens, can use to ease and eliminate symptoms, function in times of crisis, plan ahead for manic or depressive episodes, and feel a whole lot better.

  • Covers new diagnosis methods developed by the American Psychiatric Association
  • Increased coverage of genetics, biochemistry, and imaging studies relevant to bipolar disorder
  • Advice on supporting a loved one (who may not want help)
  • Updated and expanded medication guide and treatment options, including Deep Brain Stimulation

Complete with fill-in-the-blank forms and charts, key online resources, and first-hand accounts from real people, Bipolar Disorder For Dummies gives you the latest information and self-help strategies you and your loved ones need to conquer this disease and get on with your lives.

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In times of depression, as a person living with manic depression you may find it difficult to motivate yourself. You might feel like there is nothing you would rather do than lay in bed.

bipolar-disorderWhen you feel like this you can’t simply snap out of it, because it is difficult to make decisions that involve being active because while depressed motivation to be active is difficult to come by. Depression is often confused with sadness, and while depression can include this, they are not synonymous. Depression describes a set of specific physical effects while sadness can be used to describe a more refined aspect of human emotion that can have many different sorts of physical reactions.

On the other side of the coin that is bipolar disorder, there is mania. When you feel manic, in many ways it is the opposite of depression because when depressed you have trouble finding value in your actions and consequentially have trouble getting yourself to do things, while when manic you will feel like there is value in doing everything.

Bipolar Disorder infoMany people find themselves overwhelmed and that there is so much to do that you can’t even decide where to start or you’ll do anything when given the opportunity on sheer impulse often leading to inappropriate behavior. When experiencing mania many people find special value in mundane things and appreciate special connections between events which can be linked to the boosts in creativity many people feel.

While the severe highs and lows of the bipolar condition can make things difficult it can be made manageable by making appropriate adjustments to your lifestyle that can even out your mood to something more livable or this can be also achieved through therapy and medication. In any case understanding what characterizes your condition is the first step to understanding what you must do to live with it. While every person will be different, cases of bipolar disorder follow similar patterns. As you understand these patterns you can learn that you can take action and there is hope.

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